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Madness Day 2019 was a goddamn scream.

Posted by Krinkels - September 25th, 2019

And it's 100% thanks to every single one of you. Thanks for dropping by the stream as we got through as many of these as we could. I did my best to take in all the contributions posted, it's nothing short of amazing to see the scene going so strong for so long. Madness really never dies, does it? Before I really get into this I just want to say that if I miss mentioning your work here, or I don't review it, give me a shout! This is just me barking on my news post. We got pins to send to the top stuff.


MD 2019 saw a tremendous amount of RAW SKILL come through, some of note:

Happy Madness Day - Deimos <-the oversized shades, what a punk.

Tricky Cover Alt<- back lit print that might be seen next pico day

A Really Red Day <- speaking of print, poster when?

Hooked <- Madness combat artistic staples are black, grey, and red all over. Unless?

Between Madness And Hope <- serious mood in this one



It goes without saying (but here I go anyways) that madness wouldn't be much without a kick ass soundtrack. Fan works have done a fantastic job of not only capturing the tone that helps facilitate meaningless slaughter, but transform out and set new standards for grey grunt related catastrophes and violence.

CRY.NN - Ultraviolence (MD2019) <- HNNNG

Singularity: Observation (Soundtrack) <- Nothing short of upbeat, high energy power here.

Tonight We Riot <- Take one part Chesh, and one part Lich, and you get this.

Underwater Sky (2009 Track) <- RF literally can do no wrong.

I can't review music because i am a PHILISTINE, so for the love of art and music FOR THE LOVE OF ART AND MUSIC GO CHECK THEM OUT.


Can we talk for a second about how goddamn good you guys are at this whole 'animating' thing?

Madness Whitehank Zero: The Mulligan Literally 40 minutes of animation so damn good it raises the bar on what is expected of all of us. An amazing piece of work that is a must-watch.

MAXIFICATION 2: COMMENCEMENT Jsoull sure did the trailer right because I know I'm not alone here on the whole 'edge of our seat' thing. Some very awesome looking artistic decisions here with character movement, use of 3d and effects. It's going to be goddamn cool.

Abnormis: DEPARTURE HOW COULD I FORGET???? (because I'm OLd?) It's not easy to have a distinctive style when working in the realm of fan animation, but Zapchon does it so well he makes it look easy. This is a MUST SEE.

Madness Brutality Collab I understand that this cartoon had some difficulty even existing, and despite all that it still came out well Good job to everyone involved, great stuff!

Madness GOTO Heaven Sometimes it can be a challenge to kinda 'get' where a collab is going or what it's trying to do (aside from demonstrate skill in a showcase of spectacle). This monumental slab of team work is a lot of content but doesn't feel it's length. One of the more charming endings i've seen on a fan toon, as well.

Kilroy Madness 3 Might could very well be my fav of the year (but playing favorites is HARD). This animation conveys the characters intents/thoughts/feelings without words so effectively, it really is a thing of beauty. If you haven't checked out the Kilroy series yet (shame on you) then go back and check it out.

Madness: New York Minute Any cartoon that takes the tone and atmosphere into it's own hands so aptly always gets a rise out of me. It's an example of the kind of work that keeps things fresh and interesting (also features cheekibreeki)

Singularity: Observation A very fast paced cartoon that doesn't lose any of the choreographic 'flair' for the speed. Front to back this one is loaded with an outright slick sense of deliberate motion. Also some of these settings are cool as hell, and that is so important to the over all feel.


We got two games this year, and at first glance you might think that's hardly any at all! A second glance however, shows that this year games came in quality, not quantity. For DEMOS, these are sharp and promising

Madness: Sierra Nevada Rebirth v1.0.1 - you guys watched me chew though this one, or at least half of it. Very challenging also FUN.

Madness: Incident 10v3 DEMO - <3 it's perfect <3


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hell yeah!

it was a scream:


I am 100% satisfied with this post

God of the Madness has speak!

Fuck yeah

:) ok

The uploads this year were awesome
But only because you made such an amazing series to base it off of ;)

Love ya krinkles! Have literally been watching madness since i was in elementary school, I am 22 now and still love it to death! So glad your still creating and being such a thug. I will rep madness combat till the day I die!

madness day was very good hell yeah


It's time to kickass some chew bubblegum

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can't wait for project nexus 2, good luck on your journey Krinkles, best of luck.

@krinkels is Madness Project nexus 2 is going to be on xbox one?