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Krinkels's News

Posted by Krinkels - 1 month ago

Here we are, a month away from Madness Day 2020 here on Newgrounds! September 22nd will mark the 14th (!!!) Madness Day celebrated on this site, and every one of them has been a tremendous show of force by the community. What's been incredible is that the enthusiasm remains after all this time, and this year we're going to try upping the ante with a prize pool for top entries submitted for Madness Day this year!

Paypal allows for a pooling of cash from donations and we're going to feed that 100% back into prizes. No 'admin' costs or whatever cutting into that.


We're counting submissions with 'madness day 2020' tag! The distribution of prize cash will be as follows:

EDIT; Incredible! The prize pool has pushed past 1200 dollars before we even got to September! I'm going to adjust these percentages.

EDIT v2 (9/4); DOUBLE INCREDIBLE. We're at $1661.90!!! I've readjusted the prizes to fit this enormous influx.



1st - $400

2nd - $250

3rd - $150

4th - $100

5th - $65

6th - $35


1st - $200

2nd - $125

3rd - $100

4th - $75

5th - $25


1st - $100

2nd - $50

3rd - $25

total; 1700 (remainder under 25 to be thrown on the top of animation 1st place. further 25s will generate additional individual winners)

(Going to add more slots yet if more cash comes in, as well as an extra slot for the change. All this depends on the validity of the pledges.)

If we wind up pooling a huge amount of cash we'll squeeze in 4th and 5th places, and include entries for music, as well, by distributing the percentages downward a bit to include more people! I'm optimistic about how much we can raise for this!

I'll be adding to this pool myself, too. I've tossed in 200 bucks, and as I stream on twitch those donations will be put into the pool.

This is also a good time to announce I've put together an Etsy store! It's very small, right now. Only a tiny shred of my total body of artwork is worthy of prints and I've selected a few of them to sell. Right up until madness day, for every print I sell there I'll put six bucks into the prize pool!




Posted by Krinkels - July 28th, 2020

What are ya'll postin for Madness Day (September 22)???

I'm posting Madness on Madness Day. :)



Posted by Krinkels - June 18th, 2020

Hey there guys, how's it going? I hope your projects are doing well and making progress, I'm hype for the upcoming Madness Day (September 22) this year because it's going to be yet another time when ya'll knock it out of the park, and I can't wait to see it. This time around I should have a cartoon ready for your consumption, part one of Madness 9.5. I just crested 4k frames so it's not insubstantial, but it's my goal to get as much of it done so we can have a decent enough first half of this one to chew on while I bang out the next.


Other stuff I have coming down the pipe:

TEAM FABULOUS 2 reanimated collab! I was lucky enough to get myself involved in this massive undertaking and have finished up my segment, it's going to be released July 6th, VERY SOON, VERY COOL.

Getting some prints for sale together, too. Some of the art I've been creating lately should make for a nice wallhanger if you're so inclined. Setting up an etsy shop for that before long. Also going to be ready and operating in July.

Keeping up with the twitch streaming! Just making art when I can and playing through games like Black Mesa or whatever flavor of the month horror game crosses my desk. Should be giggles!

PROJECT NEXUS Oh this big bastard of a project is finally starting to look like it's got some -real- legs under it. We're going to be issuing an opt-in beta for the story mode revamp soon. Opt in because it will be bereft of arena and playground and we wanted that option to still be available to you. There's been so many updates, tweaks and outright changes to the game that it feels less like a jank indie project and more of a sleek shooterbrawler. We're excited to get it into the testers hands, one step closer to 1.0 ever damn day. Your patience with us has been phenomenal.

Any rate, I don't have much to say other than I'm keeping busy, moving forward, and am in a cosntant state of awe that ya'll'd support me through this. We're gonna make it.


Posted by Krinkels - April 3rd, 2020

Things in the works, coming down the pipe;

(DONE) That short where the dude loses his face - effectively completed, waiting on some audio work to come back.

Madness Combat 9.5 - ~2k frames completed. Main focus of my time in flash is spent on this. This cartoon will be completed this year. Update; two minutes? wtf kinda clown shoes operation am I running here? Hustle, HUSTLE!

(DONE) Team Fabulous 2 Re-Animated - I'm a lucky guy in that I've gotten myself aboard the re-animated collab centered around kitty0607's Team Fabulous 2. The due date on that animation is May 14th and I'm on track to having that completed on time.

Madness: Project Nexus 2 - The coronavirus can't stop us. More and more of my time is spent testing things and working on post launch media, while he hacks away at the code and making the damn thing playable. It's a process, and we've gone far beyond the scope of simple indie game. Thanks for bearing with us, fellas and fellettes, you're amazing for sticking around.



Posted by Krinkels - April 1st, 2020

Hey there, followers! I thought was it prudent to update you on the projects I have in the works, so you can sort of get a feel for what to expect from me in the coming months, but screw that I'm just going straight for the self promotional advert.

So listen, this whole lockdown is really straining the financial situation here at Team Madness, and in order to keep the lights on and bellies fed I've decided to start an onlyfans! Your typical onlyfans account caters to the 18 and up crowd, but considering it's me, I'm only going to let in those 29 and older (verified with an accompanying credit score of over 710). It'll help cultivate an environment of exclusivity and private access that will enrich value, synergy and Actionable Analytics. I know for a fact that this is the best use of my (and your) time! Thank you for your continued support through these challenging times. Click here to subscribe to my onlyfans!



Posted by Krinkels - December 18th, 2019


well would you look at that. I remember registering this account from my work. I didn't have cable/dsl at the house at the time so I did all my internet nonsense from there. Hell, checking newgrounds was part of my routine after I clocked in, so naturally when the automated portal came about, along with account registration I had to jump on that. When the portal went from a small collection of cartoons to a constantly expanding culture of entertainment it was abso-fucking-lutely mind blowing. I don't even remember how I got my hands on a pirate copy of Flash 5, but I did, compelled to heave in contributions to something that entertained me so thoroughly. Thanks for having me, guys. Heres to another 20.


Posted by Krinkels - December 3rd, 2019

Just to field a a BIG question that I am getting; I am not working on mc12, I have to make .5 first, and progress is tough, but progress is good. Though I am going to sit in the camp of not showing anything til we're nearly there, so THANK YOU SO MUCH for bearing with me.

On the Project Nexus front, though, I made some wallpapers :v


https://i.imgur.com/lOA5rL4.jpg <-downloadable!


https://i.imgur.com/by6VJ2F.jpg <- downloadable!



Posted by Krinkels - November 11th, 2019


guys are you following this?


this link right here?


how about this one? Yeah? cool, good. Groovy. Going to be getting back on the saddle with streaming. Can't really show what I'm animating but we can watch some stuff, maybe doodle, you know, all that fun stuff. Miss you crazy folks.


See, look? Stream draws. We'll watch even more FUN FAN TOONS next time!



Posted by Krinkels - October 19th, 2019

YO! Thanks for waiting, folks. But we got some winners to (finllay) announce! Winners are going to be SUBJECT to some sweet Hank pins and supporter status. This time around we're doing top three for art, music, two for games, and five for animation!




https://newgrounds.com/portal/view/738942 White Hank Collab

https://newgrounds.com/portal/view/738679 Madness GOTO Heavan

https://newgrounds.com/portal/view/738772 Killroy Madness 3

https://newgrounds.com/portal/view/738761 Brutality Collab

https://newgrounds.com/portal/view/738682 Abnormis Departure


I can't thank you guys enough for your patience with us taking a minute behind the scenes to figure this one out, we'll be getting prizes sorted in a much shorter time frame, and as usual, thanks for keeping up with the Madness. Every one of you kicked it's ass into the stratosphere and you all have my gratitude for that.



Posted by Krinkels - September 25th, 2019

And it's 100% thanks to every single one of you. Thanks for dropping by the stream as we got through as many of these as we could. I did my best to take in all the contributions posted, it's nothing short of amazing to see the scene going so strong for so long. Madness really never dies, does it? Before I really get into this I just want to say that if I miss mentioning your work here, or I don't review it, give me a shout! This is just me barking on my news post. We got pins to send to the top stuff.


MD 2019 saw a tremendous amount of RAW SKILL come through, some of note:

Happy Madness Day - Deimos <-the oversized shades, what a punk.

Tricky Cover Alt<- back lit print that might be seen next pico day

A Really Red Day <- speaking of print, poster when?

Hooked <- Madness combat artistic staples are black, grey, and red all over. Unless?

Between Madness And Hope <- serious mood in this one



It goes without saying (but here I go anyways) that madness wouldn't be much without a kick ass soundtrack. Fan works have done a fantastic job of not only capturing the tone that helps facilitate meaningless slaughter, but transform out and set new standards for grey grunt related catastrophes and violence.

CRY.NN - Ultraviolence (MD2019) <- HNNNG

Singularity: Observation (Soundtrack) <- Nothing short of upbeat, high energy power here.

Tonight We Riot <- Take one part Chesh, and one part Lich, and you get this.

Underwater Sky (2009 Track) <- RF literally can do no wrong.

I can't review music because i am a PHILISTINE, so for the love of art and music FOR THE LOVE OF ART AND MUSIC GO CHECK THEM OUT.


Can we talk for a second about how goddamn good you guys are at this whole 'animating' thing?

Madness Whitehank Zero: The Mulligan Literally 40 minutes of animation so damn good it raises the bar on what is expected of all of us. An amazing piece of work that is a must-watch.

MAXIFICATION 2: COMMENCEMENT Jsoull sure did the trailer right because I know I'm not alone here on the whole 'edge of our seat' thing. Some very awesome looking artistic decisions here with character movement, use of 3d and effects. It's going to be goddamn cool.

Abnormis: DEPARTURE HOW COULD I FORGET???? (because I'm OLd?) It's not easy to have a distinctive style when working in the realm of fan animation, but Zapchon does it so well he makes it look easy. This is a MUST SEE.

Madness Brutality Collab I understand that this cartoon had some difficulty even existing, and despite all that it still came out well Good job to everyone involved, great stuff!

Madness GOTO Heaven Sometimes it can be a challenge to kinda 'get' where a collab is going or what it's trying to do (aside from demonstrate skill in a showcase of spectacle). This monumental slab of team work is a lot of content but doesn't feel it's length. One of the more charming endings i've seen on a fan toon, as well.

Kilroy Madness 3 Might could very well be my fav of the year (but playing favorites is HARD). This animation conveys the characters intents/thoughts/feelings without words so effectively, it really is a thing of beauty. If you haven't checked out the Kilroy series yet (shame on you) then go back and check it out.

Madness: New York Minute Any cartoon that takes the tone and atmosphere into it's own hands so aptly always gets a rise out of me. It's an example of the kind of work that keeps things fresh and interesting (also features cheekibreeki)

Singularity: Observation A very fast paced cartoon that doesn't lose any of the choreographic 'flair' for the speed. Front to back this one is loaded with an outright slick sense of deliberate motion. Also some of these settings are cool as hell, and that is so important to the over all feel.


We got two games this year, and at first glance you might think that's hardly any at all! A second glance however, shows that this year games came in quality, not quantity. For DEMOS, these are sharp and promising

Madness: Sierra Nevada Rebirth v1.0.1 - you guys watched me chew though this one, or at least half of it. Very challenging also FUN.

Madness: Incident 10v3 DEMO - <3 it's perfect <3