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MC12 thoughts.

Posted by Krinkels - February 8th, 2024

Musing over the idea of making MC12 a singular episode instead of breaking into two parts. I realize I have blown past the point that would have been a fine way to fade out into a 'to be continued' (not unlike the midpoint of MC9.5), so.... we'll see how that goes? Still going to be several months off, but I get work on this thing nearly daily. I'm happy with how -dense- this cartoon is, so far, but I am not happy about how short the runtime is. These two thoughts are in direct conflict as lengthening a 'toon bites at the density and vice versa. In any event, if I screw this all up and make garbage my pals Chesh and Cturix will cover up the bad animation with cool music and sound. Tarkade's provisions for combat scene backgrounds have been a great addition, too. Optimism.

Cobbling together cutscenes is a nice change of pace. I've outlined what I have left to do, which is weird for me. I literally just handle things one scene at a time while keeping my hopes and dreams on a couple stickynotes around my office. It makes for a very flexible plot, and to an advantage in my case because the first 10,000 ideas i have, or so, aren't good. All that said I don't MIND having a scene outline right now, as a test. Maybe whatever I animate next can have a stronger structure behind and under it. It would make it easier to invite more people into the project if I were more structured. Hm.


Thanks for reading. Tell me what you have on the horizon!




i hope this comes out soon it looks really cool

I think you're really underestimating yourself. Just remember, no matter how bad YOU think you may be doing, we'll absolutely eat it up and love it. Keep up the good work, man.

white women driving

This is a great idea! Wish you luck! I've got an endless road to MADNESS on the horizon

I can't wait for MC12! and I liked the horizon!

Can't wait to see it!

I'm totally cool waiting a lil' while longer for a full-length MC12, but ultimately it's your call. Keep doing what you do, in whatever manner you do it in.

As for what I have on the horizon, more chapters of Potatoman: Realm of Ryksaw. On my end I think I prefer breaking stuff into parts!

Sometimes it's easier to digest stuff when it comes in segments! Who has the time these days?!

Looking forward to the cutscenes especially as I would love to see some interaction between the characters aside from combat (which still feels fresh and creative even after thousands of kills).

My horizon looks brighter as I have more space again to focus on the vis novel updates.

Having space is huge. Even a little bit goes a long way!

Man i wanna watch mc12 as soon as possible. The wait will be worth it

Just keep working hard Krinkles, your work is truly appreciated

I'd enjoy an entire episode more than it being split in half

Dont worry if it takes too long to make and finish. Whatever you cook, we know will be peak af

the dream has ben reality

@Krinkels Just out of curiosity, how many frames is this thing at? I initially thought it was so long a cartoon a trilogy was needed. I'm genuinely amazed at how many layers there must be per frame if the runtime is actually shorter than usual; that means that your skill has improved by that much.

Also, maybe try holding tryouts and personally vetting whomever makes the cut?

Oh the whole of the last 20 years have been 'tryouts', considering the fans are out there showing off what they can do all the time! We know who's capable of what, now!

As for frames, I have no idea. Haven't counted frames, or kills, but the whole thing is just shy of six minutes, right now, with more combat to fill out.

Mc12: Return of the sun
That aside, good luck on your endeavours. It will eventually be good.

I’m waiting patiently now just now

Krinkels, can I please be married to The Auditor canonically???!!!1??1!

Good luck on it

Having MC12 in one piece would be best. Since you bring up Cheshyre and Cturix-Kemilon, any update in how far they've come along in creating music for it?

Chesh has been working on the music and Ctur is waiting til it's done before he knocks it out of the park. Easier that way. So far the music is unlike what Chesh usually does, I'm really astounded by the man's work lately, he's evolving!

I’m always looking forward to what ever make man. Take your time. Do what ya need to do.

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