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My account is 20.

Posted by Krinkels - December 18th, 2019


well would you look at that. I remember registering this account from my work. I didn't have cable/dsl at the house at the time so I did all my internet nonsense from there. Hell, checking newgrounds was part of my routine after I clocked in, so naturally when the automated portal came about, along with account registration I had to jump on that. When the portal went from a small collection of cartoons to a constantly expanding culture of entertainment it was abso-fucking-lutely mind blowing. I don't even remember how I got my hands on a pirate copy of Flash 5, but I did, compelled to heave in contributions to something that entertained me so thoroughly. Thanks for having me, guys. Heres to another 20.


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20 years in madness.

Newgrounds wouldn't be Newgrounds without you

And it's really good you did it 20 years ago)

Cheers! You got me in trouble- some over a decade ago where I wasn't allowed to watch Madness for a while. Many others probably share that story, as well. Stay headstrong, broski.

You must conquer the internet through these means, no other options are available.

And for the very existence of this account, NG is all the better for it :)

Good lord I was only 11 months old then...

Does this make you an official boomer now?

No but in all seriousness, you are the bomb. You took Newgrounds to new heights and you're one of the all-time OG's who's still here after all this time.

Here's to another 20, my man!

im just barely older than your account wtf

Happy 20th NG anniversary to you! Very glad you joined the site and shared your work on it. Here's a little something to celebrate the milestone: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/744343

You've come a long way since then and continue to get better at what you do. May Newgrounds live long and prosperous.

In the end of a journey the greatest treasure is madness you made along the way

every means is justifiable for our entertainment

Congrats dude! Been here watching your stuff for half that time, and will be here til my bones rot :)

Congrats uncle Krinkel.
... I mean, with years like that, I would call ya Uncle tho.

20 years of being a Legend. Madness 4 lyf

20 years just like that, huh? Congrats! Congrats on always being active and never leaving the Newgrounds community, just to make your own, a wonderful one. <3

24 years of Newgrounds, 20 years of Madness. It goes by so quickly. I'm glad you're still creating and still having fun with it all.

Here's to another 20!

20 Years are hella long time man. I will say, Madness is part of Newgrounds culture and without that, I don't know what Newgrounds would be. Here for another 20 years of Madness!

This guy is the only inactive account that we've ever saw, his account is probably 19 years older then My account! insane man.

Congrats! Can only say that I've been a fan for 15 of those years lol; keep being you man

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