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But seriously...

Posted by Krinkels - April 3rd, 2020

Things in the works, coming down the pipe;

(DONE) That short where the dude loses his face - effectively completed, waiting on some audio work to come back.

Madness Combat 9.5 - ~2k frames completed. Main focus of my time in flash is spent on this. This cartoon will be completed this year. Update; two minutes? wtf kinda clown shoes operation am I running here? Hustle, HUSTLE!

(DONE) Team Fabulous 2 Re-Animated - I'm a lucky guy in that I've gotten myself aboard the re-animated collab centered around kitty0607's Team Fabulous 2. The due date on that animation is May 14th and I'm on track to having that completed on time.

Madness: Project Nexus 2 - The coronavirus can't stop us. More and more of my time is spent testing things and working on post launch media, while he hacks away at the code and making the damn thing playable. It's a process, and we've gone far beyond the scope of simple indie game. Thanks for bearing with us, fellas and fellettes, you're amazing for sticking around.



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don't you just hate it when your face g̵̭̬̺͍̮̃̀̓̀̾̇͒̆̾̒l̴̲͚͒͗͜i̵̛̯͎͉̤̙̥̤̙̥͓̙͋̈́̽̈́̆͗̀̎͆̂̍͊̀͘t̷̥̤͓̺̏̒́͐̐̿̔͛̈́̓̀̔̂̉͘͜c̷̨̖̜̠̼̩̤̓̇̂̐͗̎̋h̸̨̰̝̻̩͍̫̣͓̝̊̌̆͂͜ͅe̵̛̠͖̝͉̜̪̲͔͕̟̜̭͚̪̓̓͋̄̀͛̅͆̓͝͠s̴̡̮͔͙̟̘͓̠͖̩͊̓̎̏͋͘͠ͅ ̶̻͙͚̮̮̙̜̽͌́́̂̎̆͊ô̷̙̐̆ũ̷̧̳̝̘̙͑̈̊̀̈̈́̏̉͘̚ͅt̸̜̦̖̫̥̲͍̄̇͆̕̚͠͠

based on a true story.

good luck man :-))))

Make the gaming community tremble with every passing second.

LOL good stuff man no need to rush it your making amazing content!

Huh, madness combat series is still alive

tackling four in one is pretty impressive, you're a busy man

How someone can survive such a face wound as the character shown here (at least without being revived) is beyond me. Who's working on the audio for your short? In any case, I don't think I could handle four projects at once like that. There was one point where I had four going and three eventually got scrapped after I lost interest in them. That would likely happen again if I ever took on more than two at once. These days, I tend to focus on one project at a time.

Great news that MPN2 is not stopped, it’s really great
I can’t wait until I can play this with my friends
on split screen!

Good shit man take yo time

Hello, have a gift :)

And what is with Madness Combat 8.5 ? I mean, its nice to see Madness Combat 9.5 , but didnt you skip maybe Madness Combat 8.5?

K k n o c k e d o u t a n e w c o r o n a v i r u s
Roll up your sleeves and refuel

Be careful during the epidemic and pay attention to your health。:)

hey krinkles who are those red guys in madness combat 11 expurgation?

may i ask what the hell that short is

hey krinkels I wanted to know are you done making project nexus 2

cant imagine how 9.5 gonna be . cant wait

please continue madness retaliation

that happend to me

the man has lost his face and now he's mad

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