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How've you been, How've I been?

Posted by Krinkels - June 18th, 2020

Hey there guys, how's it going? I hope your projects are doing well and making progress, I'm hype for the upcoming Madness Day (September 22) this year because it's going to be yet another time when ya'll knock it out of the park, and I can't wait to see it. This time around I should have a cartoon ready for your consumption, part one of Madness 9.5. I just crested 4k frames so it's not insubstantial, but it's my goal to get as much of it done so we can have a decent enough first half of this one to chew on while I bang out the next.


Other stuff I have coming down the pipe:

TEAM FABULOUS 2 reanimated collab! I was lucky enough to get myself involved in this massive undertaking and have finished up my segment, it's going to be released July 6th, VERY SOON, VERY COOL.

Getting some prints for sale together, too. Some of the art I've been creating lately should make for a nice wallhanger if you're so inclined. Setting up an etsy shop for that before long. Also going to be ready and operating in July.

Keeping up with the twitch streaming! Just making art when I can and playing through games like Black Mesa or whatever flavor of the month horror game crosses my desk. Should be giggles!

PROJECT NEXUS Oh this big bastard of a project is finally starting to look like it's got some -real- legs under it. We're going to be issuing an opt-in beta for the story mode revamp soon. Opt in because it will be bereft of arena and playground and we wanted that option to still be available to you. There's been so many updates, tweaks and outright changes to the game that it feels less like a jank indie project and more of a sleek shooterbrawler. We're excited to get it into the testers hands, one step closer to 1.0 ever damn day. Your patience with us has been phenomenal.

Any rate, I don't have much to say other than I'm keeping busy, moving forward, and am in a cosntant state of awe that ya'll'd support me through this. We're gonna make it.


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My current project is coming along somewhat slowly, but I should have it done in time for this upcoming Madness Day. Eager to see what you've got in store for it this year!

Here's the opportunity to make a '9.75' after 9.5, then!

9.5 is gonna be hype as fuck,
keep being awesome

Butt wut about 8.5


sweet stuff as always kranks

Will the beta be available on Steam? I'm willing to pay upfront if it is what it takes.

As for Madness Day, I might settle for making an illustration if I find the motivation to get back into drawing.

@Jsoull Be patient, sir. Good things come to those who wait.

im working overtime to make sure my thing is going to be able to come out on md2020, good luck with what remains in 9.5 part 1 :)

Oh, and also I hope I can just send a pm to you about the opt in beta, unless I have to join back into crm

Oh man, Krinkels in Team Fabulous 2 reanimated? Can't wait!

Will the new trend be .5 animations? Not specifically for you, but for the community as a whole. If so then damn.

the first .5 animation came out over a decade ago.

Essentially what I'm getting at with my previous comment is that i hope unfinished animations, like unfinished games, don't become a trend.

I'll make you eat those words.

pls remake 7.5 in the future krinklu, worst episode evar


You ever think "Madness Combat" would blow up like it has?

Do you have a clear idea on what MC 0 would be like? You could do it after 9.5 and 12.

quick question, how do grunts tell the difference between eachother?

Team Fabulous, PN2 AND 9.5?!
Krinkels is about to redeem 2020 as a whole.

Hyped as fuck for 9.5

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