Entry #163


2013-10-16 12:00:29 by Krinkels

The communication between Swain and I has me chomping at the bit to get something playable at least recorded so that we can start handing out substantial samples of what we're working on. It's pretty exciting stuff to see the potential laid out before us. But hey, I'm starting to get the hang of 3d modeling and animation, which only further fuels my complete and total enthusiasm, in some ways it's easier to manage than the mess of symbols Flash wound up with. Fire off any questions you might have and I'll try and answer 'em.

Also it didn't really feel like I was working on a madness game until I modeled up a mac-11, so, here's that. :D



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2013-10-16 12:11:38

Nice detail!


2013-10-16 12:14:00

Awesome detail..


2013-10-16 12:44:50

good luck guys :D


2013-10-16 12:49:51

It all looks like it's coming together nicely, but don't you think you might be taking some originality away from the game?


2013-10-16 13:10:58

Is Nexus2 the only project that you're currently working on? Or do you have any other news about a movie that we can chew on while we wait?


2013-10-16 13:23:30

Good luck!


2013-10-16 13:28:03

@Delamortes He is working on MC11 but he said on deviantart that it will be a while...


2013-10-16 13:59:30

I think when I start playing this game, it won't feel like a madness game lol.


2013-10-16 14:05:46

update for project nexus 2,right?


2013-10-16 14:21:07



2013-10-16 14:25:15

Are you guys going to keep the free floating feet or go back to the connected feet of the main series?

Krinkels responds:

Well their feet are attached for the sake of rag-dollery...


2013-10-16 15:15:55



2013-10-16 15:16:57

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLZ, in engine source will be better :/


2013-10-16 15:30:33

Harder than making a flash game?


2013-10-16 15:31:14

Now that I think about it, this game is going to be laggy as HELL!

Krinkels responds:

It'll run so much faster than flash, that's for sure.


2013-10-16 16:07:41

Any hits on how the story will be? Anything involving Hoffnar as there's some hints on him actually being *censored*


2013-10-16 16:14:56

i just wanted MC11 first...

Krinkels responds:

It's slowly coming along, now that I'm done with incidents.


2013-10-16 19:46:06

It's beautiful!


2013-10-16 20:41:29

MC11 will u at least name the characters like HANK SANFORD TRICKY i dont know plllleeeeeasssse name themor at least 7 or 6


2013-10-16 20:50:34

so...no more incidents? it would be delightful to see that giant monster clown from madness consternation again back to action...or its up to us animators to do it...meh.. it wont be the same

Krinkels responds:

Heh, Don't worry, with the incidents out of the way I can focus on putting together more delicious canon madnesssssssssss


2013-10-16 21:21:35

You know, with such a game so huge, and on a completely different playing style than the first Nexus game and whatnot, will it even keep like the first one at all? (That's, if it is sequel-ling from what I understand) I mean, a 3D Madness game would be revolutionary to the playing style, it would be hard to believe this to still be a madness combat game. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but from what I understand, will it be the best for the New Big Thing?

Krinkels responds:

It's scary territory, friend, but with Swain and I as your sherpas, we see great things on the summit.


2013-10-16 22:35:33

Is blender as saxxy as they say it is

Krinkels responds:

Eh, no. It's a goddamn mess. But I'm terrible at computer so don't as me.


2013-10-16 23:58:06

Are you going to make a full Madness animation in full 3D at any point? Also, how is character animation in Blender compare to Flash? Because I've used Flash for Madness, but have always loved the idea of 3D Madness. How similar or how different is the animation?


2013-10-17 00:30:18

What type of file will the finished product be uploaded as?


2013-10-17 00:35:50

Will you use Unity?

Krinkels responds:



2013-10-17 03:04:58

Do you ever think to go with it on kickstarter?

Krinkels responds:

That's the plan, once we have something playable.


2013-10-17 04:32:11

will this game be multiplayer?


2013-10-17 06:04:47

Madness is not madness without a Mac-11!

So what is about other weapons? Will we see a chainsaw, any two-handed swords/axes (Claymore from Apotheosis, Axe from Antipathy, Axe With A Bayonet like in Nexus 1), riot shields (with a gun or a sword in other hand), underballer grenade launchers, RPG-7, Milkor MGL grenade launcher, a flamethrower, any grenades, flashbangs, molotovs, full-auto shotguns, sci-fi weapons (railguns, laser and plasma weaponry), bayonets?

Krinkels responds:

Gonna go as crazy as I can with it. I know the biggest, most important thing we're looking to implement is dual wielding. Pretty much every thing on that list is on our 'to-do' and without flash teling us what we can't do the only limiting factor is time and effort.


2013-10-17 06:29:54

Do you guys have a planned release time frame, Like you know, early 2014...?


2013-10-17 08:09:37

Nice. I'm hyped!


2013-10-17 09:14:24

I really hope to see a G3 rifle in the game. I love that H&K gun and i believe it used to be in...MC3?
Anyway,i'm looking forward to more guns. And ofcourse the game too.


2013-10-17 09:27:21

Hey, Krinkels! Are you going to put your project on Kickstarter? Man, I'm sure people would like to support their favourite game! :)


2013-10-17 09:31:11

Sorry, for the double-posting. Just read the comments below. I can't wait for the Kiksaterter's campaign!


2013-10-17 10:53:30

If this have to be downloaded I WILL BE SO MAD!because my disk doesn't have more base }:c I would be like: I WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS AND SERIOUSLY?


2013-10-17 11:31:07

have you ever had the idae of doing madness combat nazi zombies?


2013-10-17 12:13:08

dude are you hiring or just letting us help you with the game?
cmon it would be great to have more people helping.


2013-10-17 12:59:33

Very competent looking so far, glad you guys are up for new tricks.


2013-10-17 17:18:02

Are you guys taking suggestions for weapons at this point, because if so I'd like to suggest more fictional guns. The Auto 9 was a lot of fun in the 1.5 update, and it would be cool to add some other Sci-Fi weapons like the M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens or the Ripper Chaingun from Duke Nukem 3D, or even the FBI-9 from Madness Depredation, complete with the water balloon launcher.


2013-10-17 21:24:38

Will you add a death match feature where you choose which characters to fight against?


2013-10-17 23:25:19

Any idea when this will be out? This will certainly go down in the history of madness


2013-10-18 01:26:57

Will any other weapons be returning from the main series (like the M60), or will the armory have the same guns as M:PN1?


2013-10-18 05:26:37

So is this possible to see a chainsaw?
It was the crowning moment of awesome in Consternation but it was too short in a movie. I wish it'll be possible to perform a true Nevadian Chainsaw Massacre in an upcoming game, ripping agents apart, mixing red with yellow... It'll be fantastic.

Anyway my favourite part is Antipathy. Because of badass axe killing spree at the end. May it be possible for Hank and Jesus dual wield weapons which can not be used in a such way by a normal man. Hank's and Savior's physical strenght seems to be obviously superhuman so he MUST be able JUMP WITH TWO M249s AND DUAL WIELD THEM BECAUSE HE IS HANK. This must be impossible in Arena because of balance reasons and human limitations but in the Story Mode Hank must be Hank.
Don't nerf Hank because He Is The Strongest Warrior Ever!


2013-10-18 13:42:23

I wanted to ask,is the sheriff gonna appear in project nexus (maybe in hank's prequel)?
Also,why did you update here instead of doing so in the teammadness tumblr?


2013-10-18 19:31:48

I'm not sure if the MAC-11 you just modeled is the final modeled version or not, but it looks as if you have a few n-gons in there (ex. the aiming sight at the front of the gun, the front of the barrel). Also, if you keep parts of the gun separate to model and combine them later on, it'll save you a few headaches when it comes time to texture. Just my two cents.


2013-10-18 23:56:19

You said earlier that it'll run better than Flash. Does that mean there'll be more graphical settings to turn down, or it'll just be naturally superior? Or both? Really hoping for an option to have the corpses fade away. Good luck, man.


2013-10-24 17:29:02



2013-10-30 08:35:49


An improvement. The strength/endurance skills should allow us to dual wield/run faster with heavier weapons in arena mode.


2013-11-08 12:30:03

blender is the bomb if you had time on the side it would be cool if you did some tuts while makeing the game