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Nexus 2 kickstarter ALWAYS needs your help, friends!

Posted by Krinkels - September 9th, 2014

AWith only 13 days left on the kickstarter we find ourself in a bit of a pickle as the whole thing seems to have floundered to a halt.  This steam greenlight will do us no good if we can't actually create the game, guys!  Swain and I want to work on this full time with our undivided attention, and have the ability to communicate face to face on the matter.  That is to say, if this kickstarter fails the two of us will have to backburner this project while we pursue day jobs flipping hamburgers to keep the lights on meaning production on Project Nexus 2 will grind to an agonizing crawl.

We have a phoenominal 579 backers on our kickstarter, and I can't thank you guys enough for the support we've been given so far, but with over eight thousand of you amazing people voting for the Steam greenlight that means only 7% of you have put your money where your vote is.  If just a fourth of that eight thousand chipped in the 15 for the early access beta and a copy of the game we could be seeing the early acces out as early as janurary.

On top of that, eight thousand pre-orders would let us reach every one of our stretch goals outlined on the kickstarter page!  That is to say; we need your help!  Help us serve you!

Take a second look if you haven't already, this kickstarter desperately needs the help of every devoted Madness fan there is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/500655604/madness-project-nexus-2

Also, have some artwork!  Something that bugged me about Nexus 1, that we started to address in Nexus 1.5, is the homogeneous nature of the battles.  With the introduction of factions we'll see a very distinct variety in battles when dealing with the different groups.  The MERCs are heavily leader based, for instance, buffing their squadmades's accuracy, morale, and even their AI.  Taking these guys out will cause all sorts of disharmony in the ranks.




Donated and aggressively telling people to give to it. This ain't over yet son.

There's still hope.

I did the math, and it seems to be pulling a little under a thousand a day on average. If it was rounded up to a thousand, added to the already accumulated money and amount of days we have left, that only reached 40k. Even if someone were to donate the max amount of money, it still wouldn't make it to the minimum it needs to be funded. A feel like there are others who have the same mindset, which would prevent people from donating because they feel like it would be a waste of time. If there was a group meeting or something between the people who thought like this, and all decided to donate, it could be saved.

Has Tom and the NG staff donated anything yet?

I do believe your going to make it to 56,000$.....or at least I hope so.

yeah more drawing'z

I want to fund the project so bad, but not having a job or a income makes it impossible to do so.

I would very much like to see this succeed, but if the funding keeps going at this rate, I dunno :S

Krinkels listen dude

I wish I could donate to the game but I have to keep the money to learn to create indie games like

this The way it looks the game is about half way funded and I get your still gonna create this game

if it's not minimally funded but it will take longer but just think about it

at this point you should probably stop creating stretch goals and focus getting the minimum

amount funded in the next 13 days and then just maybe the last 2 or 1 days you might be able to

get the last people to donate to get the game funded but yeah stop working on extras and actually

get the game funded because you deserve to get the money to fund this game

$26,983 is already a crap ton of money, maybe if you don't get all the money on kickstarter, maybe you could send it onto steam for a cheap price like 4.99. I've done the math with that and if half of steam buys it (and if its multiplayer) that would equal to 12,410,529$ (if half of the 4974160 people buy).

Looks very elite MERC there >:D

Just donated $50, this needs to happen.

Either Madness Combat is pretty niche after all, or most of your fanbase can't legally own a debit card.

I'm not seeing that happening. Can you lower the goal somehow?

need to post entire world pal!

@shadowmanRay - Thanks for the laugh. You could have done the math, and summarize what would happen if half of the human population would donate a dollar, while you're at that, Einstein.

This is really rough. But don't give up cuz we are trying our best to support you!
also @shadowmanRay does your PE teacher teach you math?

Giving up isn't my style.

Um, hey, I'd gladly give you a dollar or 2, but 5 is very much here where I live... :(

thats because you gave too little time for backers to back up the project

dude get the game promoted somehow this needs to happen

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