Entry #221

Started a Patreon to fund future cartoons.

2016-09-18 20:58:14 by Krinkels


During the day I slave away with Swain on Project Nexus 2, and at night, I chase down other artistic pursuits.  I think it's time I got myself back into Flash animation, considering these days there are ways to fund it.  Consider supporting me as I drop the commission art for Madness. :3


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2016-09-18 22:18:09

I wish I could help donate some little change

but as of currently, I am as broke as a poor old man sitting outside near a liquor store with a shabby beach hat.


2016-09-19 00:53:00

I've spent my last 30$ on project nexus 2 A pack for the beta/early access, because I don't wanna buy B pack for a half-baked game
So I can't donate right now


2016-09-19 09:49:01

1$ for seeing you doing madness? its a dream for a madness animator :D


2016-09-20 02:04:51

Hope this will work out


2016-09-20 05:27:20

alrighty. lets see


2016-09-21 21:29:28

Done and done!