Entry #242

big pile of envelopes

2017-10-07 15:23:54 by Krinkels

Aie, time to be that annoying guy who takes forever at the post office :D


That said, I got extra prints. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) If you were interested in buying any let me know via PM. 5$ a pop+shipping


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2017-10-07 15:36:07

Our post office got shut down >:(

It's now in a church...


2017-10-07 15:55:02

Damn That A Lot Of Envelopes


2017-10-07 17:12:04



2017-10-08 15:40:40

Saw this post right before I got my mail, and lo and behold, found an envelope that looked just like that!
In my case it was a birthday card from my sister, who, it turns out, had a very bad MS spell and couldn't put pen to paper. Hope to see ya at the theater for some laughs, it's been a while!


2017-10-09 06:10:16

Oh yes! >:)


2017-10-11 08:55:21

As someone who's done both - how do you feel about making the leap to 3D? Is it easier or harder to create "Madness" in three dimensions compared to both animations and Project Nexus 1 and Madness: Interactive?
I'm wondering why so many indie devs went for the 2D and not 2.5D like I dunno, Ghost Trick.

Krinkels responds:

It hurt, it hurt a lot. I made a lot of mistakes on the way and I can only hope that I learned from every one of them, because it still hurts.


2017-10-14 08:39:26

I see. I was inspired by your "Krinkels models" series on YouTube to maybe try something myself. Maybe VR oriented. Thanks for the reply!


2017-10-19 06:03:00

so this is what you've been doing lately, nice


2017-10-29 14:24:41

Just saw some guy playing your new game on Youtube, it looks pretty cool, can't wait till I get a new PC to play your game, the laptop I used to play on just died about a month ago. But you have to keep in mind, once I do get a new PC, I'll make sure to buy it on Steam just as soon as it comes out, under one condition though, play it with me. If you do play it with me, heck I might convince my other friends to buy it, but you have to play with them as well. Anyways, hope you get to finish the game as soon as possible, wish you the best