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Hey guys what's going on

2012-09-17 16:11:10 by Krinkels

Is this where I deliver Madness Day cartoons? No?

What are you doing?

Hey guys what's going on


2012-09-12 13:08:20 by Krinkels
Updated 012

So how many of you are going to have something ready for Madness Day?


Oh man...

2012-09-08 20:21:30 by Krinkels

I hope nothing happens to this box, I'm keeping my Madness Day submission in it.

I better hurry up and keep it safe at all costs!

Oh man!

also: owerfist-colored


Oh man...


2012-09-03 06:12:51 by Krinkels

Not enough time in the day.

Hitting Dragon Con didn't help, but damn it, that had to be done.

Time marches on...

2012-08-25 00:13:16 by Krinkels

Madness day creeps closer by the day. I am nearly done with a non-madness project that has been holding me up for a while now, it'll be good to get back into the swing of animating madnuzzzzz everyday. All the while Swain and I have been cobbling together the next Nexus update.


Time marches on...

Madness Day, 2012.

2012-08-08 11:39:29 by Krinkels

What awesome things have you guys got planned for september 22nd? I'm going to try my very hardest to get something out, that's for sure.

EDIT: The backgrounds for Nexus 1.5 are finally done! I'll just check that bastard off my list of things to do, and move on like a boss to the next task. It'd go sooo much faster if my workflow weren't clogged with so much crap. Bear with me ladies and gentleman, we'll weather this storm.


2012-07-31 12:57:48 by Krinkels

Okay guys last night I finally rolled in at around midnight. I think I'm going to spend today doing a whole lot of nothing then I'll be getting to work smashing down some stuff that stands between me and Madness. It's time to get back into my swing of things. Being unproductive for a few weeks has rendered me to be chomping at the bit, somewhat.

Stuff ahead.

2012-07-07 19:13:01 by Krinkels

Madness Day is fast approaching. I know I'll have something to upload that day, always busy busy busy.

Also I'm leaving next week for San Diego Comic Con, any of you guys going?

EDIT: Yes! Project Nexus Episode 1.5 is trundling along (slowly). Of course it'll be on hold while I'm away, though. When I return it'll be priority #1.

EDIT 2: As of today, July 25th 2012, Madness is 10 years old. Crazy, huh? I'm still on the road away from my work computer, but I'll be back at it next week. Good thing about all this downtime is that I (finally) got Madness 11 written. :3c

Stay Mad, friends.

Something cryptic...

2012-06-27 13:59:58 by Krinkels


Something cryptic...

huh what?

2012-06-23 20:26:25 by Krinkels

You guys are crazy.

Ya buncha crazies.