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Settled in.

2010-11-30 14:02:14 by Krinkels

Finally settled into my new home here in Louisiana. Celebrated by jumping back into Flash full time again. In the few days I've gotten my computer back it's been about 100 frames a day, might have to break my promise and deliver a screenshot later this week. MC10 is long overdue and I think either a screenshot or an animated preview is in order.


2010-11-16 17:47:05 by Krinkels

This coming weekend I'll be moving across the country to greener pastures. this is good news; once I get there I'll be returning to full-time work on all things Madness. Seriously, the last few months have been beyond hectic.

Imagine no distractions.


I'm not really Yungjazz.

2010-11-11 21:42:40 by Krinkels

This is.

/* */

Obligatory update.

2010-11-09 15:09:12 by Krinkels

Progress trundles on, slowly, as it does. Felt as though I should share that. Got two weeks before I to move across the country, lets see how much I get done by then...

Also have some old concept art for mc10, in lieu of a screenshot.

Obligatory update.


2010-11-02 18:41:36 by Krinkels

For the last five weeks I have been working in the retail circuit to get up some much needed money. But all that jazz has concluded, and with much help from a surprising surge in donations I can get back to actually working on Flash. I have some massive catching up to do, but with very little standing in my way I'll be hitting up my old pace again. Maybe even get back to work on that game.

I'll be posting updates more frequently, expect more from me in a week or so.

That was fun.

2010-09-25 20:14:51 by Krinkels

We'll have some winners announced, soonish.

Guess this means back to work on Madness 10 for me, also that game. So much to do...

Yay, Madness Day!

2010-09-22 10:14:22 by Krinkels

And I've submitted this. I'll be kicking around all day watching stuff as it comes through. Plenty of neat stuff so far, like this, this, this, this, and more plus lots.

go go go go.

Yay, Madness Day!

Knock Knock...

2010-09-14 13:26:14 by Krinkels


Knock Knock...

So yeah,

2010-09-04 22:10:55 by Krinkels

Making something for madness day... Something.... not-canon....
Figured instead of making you wait forever for another bloodbath I could try and hammer something out to sate your .swf bloodlust.

So yeah,

Back home.

2010-08-28 19:54:54 by Krinkels

Got back home yesterday. Feels good to be back at work, a now accelerated rigmarole of madness 10 progress. Problem is, while I was away from my computer, I sketched out a storyboard for mc7.5, and it's going to bug the shit out of me til it's done. So, yeah, threw a bit more on the workload. BUT SHIT IS GETTING DONE.

As for September 22nd, I am fleshing something out, no promises, but I will be submitting at least SOMETHING on that day. What have all of you been working on?