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Happy Annual Gift Day!

2012-12-25 15:59:24 by Krinkels

Merry xmas, guys. What did everyone get?


2012-12-03 17:41:36 by Krinkels

Hey guys I'm back you can stop freaking out now. NOLA comic con was giggles but now giggles are over and the time for animating has returned.

Dang you guys sure made a mess of the joint while I was away....


New Orleans Comic Con 2012

2012-11-19 02:18:33 by Krinkels

Hey guys, I'm going to be at New Orleans Comic Con 2012 booth 1308 on Nov 30th, Dec 1st and 2nd! If you're in the area drop by the booth and visit. I'll have some print goodness for sale, a few of which will be artwork I haven't posted online.

It amazes me.

2012-11-10 11:16:25 by Krinkels

I guess I should make a post so you guys know I'm still working.

It amazes me.

Busy busy busy.

2012-10-20 13:36:36 by Krinkels

Hey guys, I've been working to start selling prints and what-have-you at my wife's Etsy store, check it out, I want to get more in there over the next few weeks:

Current project: Incident:110a, MC11(still in prelim stage).

In case you guys were wondering, I spent a majority of this summer working on commission animation stuff that wasn't madness stuff. It was a pretty neat project but now that it's finally out of my way I can start animating madness all day again like old times. I'm going to try and work on mc11 and inc110 in tandem (at this rate inc110 will be out far sooner than mc11). We'll see how everything works out as time flies by, but it feels good to have nothing on my plate but Madness stuff again.

EDIT: when the comm work is through the 'touch up' phase I'll let you know where it's posted, for those who are curious.

Here we go again.

2012-10-15 19:27:07 by Krinkels


Also, we got an etsy shop sellin stuff. Namely some prints I done.
I'll be putting more n more stuff in there, if you guys are so inclined.

Today I animated a guy getting shot, a lot. Feels neat, man.

Here we go again.

Bit o' quick news before I hit you with what I'm up to next.

2012-10-02 20:43:15 by Krinkels

Synopsis: I've hit the ground running on my next animation adventures (rest assured, friends, it'll be significantly beefier than I:101a). Madness Day was awesome, winners will be announced.... RIGHT HERE!!!!

Also, my wife Laura made these amigurumis of some Madness Combat characters. We're seriously thinking of making some available in her Etsy shop and with each purchase I'll include a little thank you index card I signed. If you want to see this happen, click the wish button on here: is-506b84bb9278a3405d0008ef

Alt link 1. alt link 2

Project Nexus v1.8 released.

2012-09-26 16:43:32 by Krinkels

v1.8 includes a new episode, a prequel filled with tons of stuff ready to absolutely ruin your day. Prepare to bleed.

Thanks to everyone who posting about issues with the game, every little bit of feedback helps us shape this thing up. We're still running into some real weird problems from time to time, but that's the nature of Flash, right? We think that the issues with savegame deletion has something to do with Chrome but this is as of yet unconfirmed (at least as far as I know, but I don't know anything).

So yeah, dive on in and get the crap kicked out of you. If you thought Ep1 was a cakewalk you're in for a real treat. Might have to refresh the page a few times til you see that little v1.8 in the corner there.

Happy trails. Have some concept art.

Project Nexus v1.8 released.


2012-09-22 10:57:49 by Krinkels

Well, Incident:101A is done, a little treat from me to keep you satiated while I get back to work on meatier Madness projects.

Madness day preloader is (finally) here

2012-09-20 12:55:21 by Krinkels

Shut up!

I mean, here it is! Or less directly, here.