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Nexus Projects...

2015-08-08 20:39:57 by Krinkels


The jump from 2d to 3d hasn't been an easy one, but we're going to make it, friends...1534_143769406773_n.jpg

So this is a thing

2015-06-25 11:48:28 by Krinkels


MERCs (and a pilot)

2015-05-08 17:22:37 by Krinkels

Every time we think we're ready to throw an alpha to the Kickstarter backers, Swain and I are like 'but wait, lets add something else!' this time, we've elaborated on the arena mode, and I went and created all the MERC units. If you're just joining us, MERCs are a faction that'll be harassing the player in story and arena mode alike, disassociated with the Nexus Core or the A.A.H.W., with their own goals that naturally, will be conflicting with everyone else's (except in arena mode, where they're just there for you to shoot at/be shot at by), What makes MERCs unique, gameplay-wise is their leadership system. Swain's sorted out a pretty cool way for these little jerks to take orders from their superiors to accomplish their goals. Leaders will utilize the various units; Class 0 Grunts, Class 1 Lunatics, Class 2 Marksmen, and Class 3 Heavies. Taking out their leaders, naturally, strikes not only a blow against their morale, but their coordination, as well. 

Nevermind the guy in the upper left, he's just the pilot. We needed a pilot. >_>1534_143112013651_NewCanvas.jpg

Pico Day 2015 was pretty rad.

2015-04-27 20:57:03 by Krinkels

Another fun time at the NG office this year at the annual Pico Day.  Ran into a lot of old pals, as well as new faces, and generally made an ass out of myself, it was great.

On top of all that I feel super honored to be a part of Sabtastics Picollage2015, be sure to check it out if for some reason you haven't yet.

Here is a picture of Shadman eating a hamburger:


2015-03-13 16:17:23 by Krinkels

Just a few more things to animate while swain irons out a few more of the overt alpha bugs....1534_142627783372_1.jpg

Grinding away.

2015-03-07 19:47:10 by Krinkels

We're getting obscenely close to a playable alpha for those who donated to the KS....1534_142577562682_1425775276924s.jpg


2015-01-23 17:14:31 by Krinkels

What a week it's been ladies and gentlemen. My focus during the last few days was UV mapping firearms, which I am finding to be a grueling, time consuming task. I've taken some time to actually start texturing them, as well. Swain and I have been working like crazy to get as much done as we can, he's been cobbling together the melee combat system while I've been just producing content.

We're still on to do a live Q&A tomorrow (saturday 23rd) at 1pm eastern time, be sure to check it out! We'll be talking about Nexus 2 and watching people play Chibi knight!

Friday update.

2015-01-16 16:32:08 by Krinkels

Friday update time, guys.  This week in the world of Team Madness I've been plugging away like a madman at more character animations, filling out the lengthy list of things we'll need by the time we get to a playable beta.  Running anims, death anims, wounded, staggers, zombie sprints, melee attacks, and some parrying have been done today, if you check out tumblr ( you can see some gifs of newer stuff I've been up to.  On the side of that I've begun uv mapping all the firearms.  

Swain and I have just about settled on a health/armor system for Project Nexus 2 that is a departure from the more traditional healthbar set up that was seen in the first game,and with that, Swain has been busy turning a bunch of crazypeople notes and conversations into legitimate code.  On top of that he's been implementing the material sent his way by me.

And as the cherry on top, check out this here track Devin's been cobbling together for the game:

Friday update!

2014-12-19 17:10:28 by Krinkels

Friday's update involved animated gifs, and some really, REALLY cool stuff that The Swain is working on to make the wound system all the more awesome. Check it out over on the twitter:

Really cool stuff, guys.1534_141902702282_tumblr_inline_ngumcrKBHv1sn7cx5.png