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Here comes May...

2014-05-03 13:16:57 by Krinkels

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of.... much of anything from us save for the tidbits we're dropping over at  I've been distracted from work on all things Madness during the last few months because I've dived into paying work to keep my nose above the financial water, BUT, I have a move coming up this month that should make things a bit easier for me to breathe, and work.  I've got a short half done, MC11 is still only around 1/3 completed, and swain still needs a laundrylist of things from me.  On his own he's fast approaching a playable demo but when things level off for me to get more Madness-centered with my work things will start picking up much, much faster.

Just a heads up that I'm not dead, just busy.  I'll let you know when things start moving forward, or rather, you'll see it happening with more relevant updates.  Thanks for all your patience, guys, you're the best.




Not dead.... BUSY....

2014-02-06 04:32:51 by Krinkels


Not dead; Busy.

2014-01-30 17:01:08 by Krinkels


Not dead; Busy.

2014-01-21 20:28:12 by Krinkels


Fuckin' december.

2013-12-19 15:04:49 by Krinkels

The holiday's have scattered the Swain and I to the four winds.  In the meantime I'm just plugging away at mc11 and comm artwork.  Expect a meaningful update in the very earliest parts of Janurary. I'll probably be answering questions over at too.


2013-11-21 17:13:26 by Krinkels

I don't know guys I think this gun needs more upgradability...

This is seriously getting exciting. We're grinding as hard as we can to get a playable something to you guys soon. We're tired of being all talk about it and frankly you gotta see what we've been up to. It's fledgling, but it's promising as hell and we hope that you'll see where we're going with this.

Also nalem's got a kickstarter going, give it a look.


Late night game-talk

2013-11-08 13:39:39 by Krinkels

Just cause the mental image conjured by the potential of this dual wielding system was worth sharing.

Late night game-talk


2013-10-18 18:29:01 by Krinkels

Swain hit me with the very first incarnation of AI and ragdoll in this simulation where one badguy will just walk at you until you shot him, where he flops to the ground (rather majestically).

There's something fucking horrifying about it, though, every time you shoot him he just snaps back up after a second and starts walking towards you again.

So I spend a good few minutes raising my blood pressure just running away from this thing and shooting at it.

PN2 might take a page from modern horror games, because of this



2013-10-16 12:00:29 by Krinkels

The communication between Swain and I has me chomping at the bit to get something playable at least recorded so that we can start handing out substantial samples of what we're working on. It's pretty exciting stuff to see the potential laid out before us. But hey, I'm starting to get the hang of 3d modeling and animation, which only further fuels my complete and total enthusiasm, in some ways it's easier to manage than the mess of symbols Flash wound up with. Fire off any questions you might have and I'll try and answer 'em.

Also it didn't really feel like I was working on a madness game until I modeled up a mac-11, so, here's that. :D