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Hey there! Ol' Swain and Krinkels have been doing a lot of work with balance and bugfixing, as well as tying a bow on what we'd like to present to you all in the form of a Livestream. Tomorrow (July 1st) at 3pm EST we will be detailing the backer release alpha that will be available to those who supported the kickstarter all those many months ago. We have so much to show you, and so much to discuss. If you only watch one of our livestreams ever, this is probably the one you'd want to watch.

What a lovely day

2016-06-06 15:40:19 by Krinkels

For a delivery of G0L3Ms.

I sure have been working on a lot of post-Alpha stuff... :v1534_146524199931_CkSH27nXAAADTQo.jpg


2016-04-23 11:32:41 by Krinkels
Updated TODAY, 2pm EST
Guys! Watch! We have tons of crap to show off!  Calling it a pre-alpha at this point might be misleading. TODAY, 2pm EST
also I drawed our lord and savior, Jebidiah Christoff.


Big news!

2016-04-01 15:45:17 by Krinkels

Big news from The-Swain and I! Give it a read!

We've been busy. Veeeery busy!

2016-02-03 11:36:37 by Krinkels

I am terrible about updating my social medias, and I have such wonderful things to tell you about Project Nexus 2.  But instead of spinning huge yarns, I'll let the pictures do the talking.  I'm beaming with pride, it's looking more and more polished all the time.


^A front kick in action

^The sheriff will introduce players to bulletproof foes

^The blender shading isn't doing his lip justice
^Happy with how he's turned out1534_145451717443_CaFrk7uW0AAu4pv.jpg

^Ol' Jeb looking pissed off as usual.1534_145451718551_CaPXjX0UkAAMN6n.jpg^Dance club in need of texturing.

Also The-Swain and I have been fielding questions over at regarding M:PN2 progress and content.  Feel free to hop over!

At 2pm EST today (november first) we're hosting another twitch livestream of us talking about the game, and showing off the latest developments! Give it a look!

Hey there, guys!  if you haven't already, be sure to check out the Madness day winners! It's always a real experience to see the community throw in more and more great stuff.

Also, some fans have thrown together a fansite that will be acting as a repository for Madness fan cartoons, it's a pretty groovy idea that is still a work in progress.  They're fixing to have it be something of an archive for all things madness, be sure to give it a look over at and if you're into the forum thing, join them.


2015-09-22 14:40:10 by Krinkels

Holy damn, another Madness day is here!  Excuse me while I scope out what's been coming through the portals.  

Also, if you haven't yet, be sure to read up on where the Madness: Project Nexus 2 Alpha stands right here:

As it stands right now, Swain has everythinghe needs from me to get an alpha done.  For the last week (and change) I have been moving to post-Alpha content creation, leaving him to tighten the nuts and bolts on that beast to get ready to distribute to out Kickstarter/Alpha backers.  We will not half-ass the alpha.