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Happy Madness day, you nuts.

2016-09-22 09:04:10 by Krinkels

Another Madness day is upon us, which means another day of me camping the portal and watching fan cartoons :D

Project Nexus 2 moves along better than ever.  I could bore you with the details about 'blah blah event system' or 'derp hurr durr optimization and bug fixing' but I'd rather just show you what we've been up to:

A mk.1 Golem weilding an M60.  Creating higher teired weapons for larger units was imperitave.

1534_147454906063_Cs0bTf-WcAANCGm.jpgOf course, making heavy weaponry available to the player was also important.


1534_147454911262_CsPscg6WYAIMyfZ.jpgWhile swain has been working on some optimization, bugfixing, and streamlining the level creation process, I've been making more maps.  I have several set up and ready to go in once everything is running smoothy.

1534_147454920381_CqFyYcvWAAELUyb.jpgMurder Room 4.

1534_147454923482_CsWTBNxWgAA77qk.jpgAnd of course, I've been retexturing old models to get things looking even better.

That is to say, Swain and I have been working ourselves completely insane since the kickstarter.  I have, in my own time, started getting back into Flash, however.  If you're interested in funding these after hours endeavors I implore you to investigate my Patreon.  I have to keep the lights on, and I think you guys want me animating instead of taking on commission artwork.  It would mean a regular animation schedule on Flash, and more art done for art's sake, like this:

During the day I slave away with Swain on Project Nexus 2, and at night, I chase down other artistic pursuits.  I think it's time I got myself back into Flash animation, considering these days there are ways to fund it.  Consider supporting me as I drop the commission art for Madness. :3

Exploding them.

2016-09-14 18:39:43 by Krinkels

The m79 is great, but what if we could do that whole 'exploding them' thing 6 times in a row real quick?1534_147389276882_NewCanvas.jpg


2016-08-17 18:03:34 by Krinkels

These Arena MurderRooms are a real hoot, I tell ya what.1534_147147140462_DOT-Label-Propane-Outfitters.jpg

Them Kickstarter Backers...

2016-07-18 14:39:00 by Krinkels

Who here is a kickstarter backer getting in on the alpha?  1534_146886713282_Arena_MurderRoom2.png

Hey there! Ol' Swain and Krinkels have been doing a lot of work with balance and bugfixing, as well as tying a bow on what we'd like to present to you all in the form of a Livestream. Tomorrow (July 1st) at 3pm EST we will be detailing the backer release alpha that will be available to those who supported the kickstarter all those many months ago. We have so much to show you, and so much to discuss. If you only watch one of our livestreams ever, this is probably the one you'd want to watch.

What a lovely day

2016-06-06 15:40:19 by Krinkels

For a delivery of G0L3Ms.

I sure have been working on a lot of post-Alpha stuff... :v1534_146524199931_CkSH27nXAAADTQo.jpg


2016-04-23 11:32:41 by Krinkels
Updated TODAY, 2pm EST
Guys! Watch! We have tons of crap to show off!  Calling it a pre-alpha at this point might be misleading. TODAY, 2pm EST
also I drawed our lord and savior, Jebidiah Christoff.